Ed Snowball Adventures... Production Delayed.

2011-07-01 22:34:35 by DannyDaNinja

So I've decided to halt production on my upcoming game Ed Snowball Adventures and make another game and a tutorial before it. But I am definitely sure I won't quit the game, first of all, I've been designing this game since January 2011, and Ed Snowball is just a pure awesome character.

In case you haven't seen the trailer and it's FAQ, Ed Snowball Adventures is a game where the suburban town of Happyville is under attack by a zombie horde. The police and army have tryed to fend them off but get pwned, and now it's up to a bunch of school kids ( including Ed ) to save the day!

Plan is to have the game released August - December this year. I have a screenshot of the game in production below! :)

~ DannyDaNinja

Ed Snowball Adventures... Production Delayed.


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2011-07-04 01:05:22

Good luck on the game!

DannyDaNinja responds:



2011-07-04 23:28:35

Hey mang! See you are still making games, good to know. I had some trouble finding where you were active. xD

DannyDaNinja responds:

Mang? 0.0

Yeah, and you weren't that active yourself on ArmorGames!
Where are you these days?